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Pomelo, malvaviscos y lecho

Founder: Joshua Glenn Cooper

I’m a natural born researcher. People, and why they do what they do, never cease to stir my curiosity. Whether it’s how we research and buy different products and services, the way we create our households and community, how we manage our day-to-day affairs, or the myriad ways in which we navigate this ever changing and complex world, I love nothing more than getting to the “why behind the why” - that is, to truly understand, on a deep fundamental level, why people behave the way they do. 

My journey in research led me to study philosophy, cultural anthropology, behavioral economics, design thinking, statistics, applied psychology, sociology, religion and mythology. My travels in pursuit of understanding people and their ways have taken me from California to New York, Japan to Switzerland, and Guatemala to Taiwan, basically, all around the world. And I’ve been fortunate to both build and lead insights organizations within some of the largest brands on the planet - OfficeMax/Depot, ULTA Beauty, Treasury Wine Estates, Sony Pictures, Logitech, Guitar Center, and many others. And, as a consultant, I’ve been able to develop research insights and strategies for many of the world’s leading retailers, staffing agencies, B2B organizations, e-commerce sites, nonprofits, and food/beverage chains. 

I believe every question about human behavior is unique and deserves a unique approach. As a hybrid qualitative and quantitative researcher, I meld techniques from across the research spectrum in order to hone in on deep human insights that can be turned into active strategies for organizations. It isn’t a cookie-cutter world anymore, so research should never utilize cookie-cutter approaches. I believe truly insightful research is the result of a collaboration between diverse peoples, differing ideas, and the application of distinct and innovative approaches to understanding.  

Our Team: Our Team

About the team:

We are a band of research gurus spread across the globe, each specializing in differing areas of the research spectrum: data scientists, sociologists, designers, applied psychologists, writers/storytellers, analysts, statisticians, and anthropologists. Each project requires different tools, and we pull from our global team to design approaches that meet the needs of our partners. 

Each of our team members have ample experience working in a broad variety of settings, from Fortune 500 companies such as Disney, Sony and Samsung, to nonprofits and design companies. Each question is unique, and we bring a unique set of players to help understand it. 

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